Why Step?

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=levitra-20-mg-effetto-36-ore Major life changes, even those that take us by surprise, are all about steps.  Sometimes they are steps we get to plan, others require fast feet to move us forward quickly.  We can have the luxury of baby steps where re-evaluation after movement is possible.  Other times we need to take steps that really resemble leaping… with blind faith lighting our path.

amoxicillin drug interactions alcohol viagra The collection of these steps form your path.  For me I stepped in line with a strict conservative Catholic upbringing.  I stepped onto college, a career, into marriage…building a family, graduate school, and then a divorce.  I baby stepped through the rebuilding of myself and the life I was really meant to to lead, and through relationships that were not right but necessary.  I successfully stepped out of a phd program, into a business, and the relationship that was meant to be.  In July 2015, my man and I held hands (and sometimes hugged tight) as we stepped forward and blend our families. A year later we stepped into our marriage.

http://sleeping-pills.org/about-phenergan.html Many people look at my life, a second chance at love, a successfully building business, three beautiful daughters and two amazing step-children…and every other component of my life and say “wow…you are amazing.”  But none of it fell into my lap.  It was all built on incremental steps, some forward and some backwards.

see url Each step I have taken is based on some thought…sometimes over-analysis, gut, sheer strength, courage, terror, or my smarts.  I like smaller steps the best but also love when I trust myself enough to take a leap of faith.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=cialis-generico-vendita-online If you walking through your life start to notice your own steps.

dove comprare Viagra generico 100 mg a Napoli And if you want to make changes, you are going to have to get off of the couch and start taking steps forward.  I know they can be scary but if it scares you, there is a good chance it is the right thing to do.

miglior sito per comprare viagra generico 200 mg spedizione veloce a Roma So what could you decide to change by taking steps forward?  We all know the classic ones…loose a few pounds, get in shape.  And those are great ones.  But also think about improving your relationships.  Maybe play a board game one night to connect a little closer with one of your children.  Call a friend.  Put the kids to bed and have a glass a wine with your significant other.  Start a conversation with a higher up at work you would love as a mentor.  Reach out to a new potential business referral partner.  Clean out a box every day from your basement.

go When stepping I have found that there are many times I have felt alone, so if you find yourself there, know that I understand.  As I have cleaned out my house and built my business, parenting three teen age daughters as a single mom.  Even in making these next decisions about my life…sure, I have my man, but it would also be nice to have family to turn to, and I do not.  And that is ok…it is part of my path…obstacles to step over, around, or circumstances to work through.  Yes, the loneliness sometimes slows me down a tad, but it never stops me.  Sometimes the voices in my head are really the only friends I have to work with, but as a Gemini they are always thinking of both sides of any argument or decision, so great when creating a pro/con list.

informazioni viagra generico a Milano So…what step are you taking today.