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Are You Radiating the Best You?

Daiva Radiance Spa

Put your best foot forward…bring your A game…look your best…be the best version of yourself.  How are you going to do that in the New Year?  For me it is about meditating (which I am failing at miserably – too type A, not me).  I am writing in from the Bucks Club in Warrington, PA for the very popular Bucks Connect networking group.

Our speaker today was  Daiva of Radiance Spa, located right here at the Bucks Club.  Many a weekend afternoon I have spent on her tables enjoying the expertise of her capable staff.

After hearing about her very interesting background (2 daughters…immigrant), she shared with us the value of being the best you in 2016.  Here are a mix of her (and my) great tips:

  1. Limit your sugar – ughhh…I really despise when people tel me that…I know, I know.
  2. Connect modern…computers with the time that has gone by – healthier.  Today we want more, we want quick….and we are all running in circles wanting more.
  3. If you put good things in your body, then everything will start to work the way you like.
  4. You need to take care of your skin.  Many cosmetic companies are out to make money – and who can blame them.  But when you buy a product you need to pay attention to the ingredients.
  5. It is important to clense your skin with natural ingredients.
  6. Inflamation is a big issue.  If your skin is not inflamed, it will look good.
  7. Spend some time connecting with your significant other – you can do this at the spa – let your wife know how beautiful she is.  As Davia says “everyone needs spa.”
  8. Davia has a membership program – only $55 per month for one massage or facial.  Do not lete the price fool you – yes, it is a phenomenal deal but you are getting far more than you pay for.

It was very nice to see Davia outside of the spa and learn a bit more about this local buisness owner who is building her operation here in Bucks County, PA (I should also note she is a fellow Jersey girl).  She is a a kind soul is has dedicated her personal and professional life to making sure you are at peace and healthy.

As a side note (I always have a side note)…Bucks Connect was the first networking group I ever attended when I started my business a few years ago.  It is amazing to me to see Russ Bragg, Mike Tamburino, and Elmer O’Brien dedicating their time to attending and seeing this group grow.