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Printing in Bucks County, PA

In my quest to boost the visibility of local businesses here in Bucks County, PA today Ilogo once again take fingers to keyboard and share the presentation I heard by Jim Swan of Sir Speedy Printing.  We are members of a networking group and this was his turn in the front of the room.

Now, you might be wondering why a social media consultant like me is advocating the printed word.  After all, I help clients build their internet presence through blogging and social media.   Yet I am also a firm believer in the printed word and do encourage clients to consult with a printer for some basics.

The most important part of Jim’s presentation was the passion and commitment he shared to help you with your brand.  He works hard and encourages you to have a consistent look with all of your messaging.  It is also important for Jim that your piece meets the goals and brings in the types of amount of business you want.  With an in-house graphics artist and printing capability, Jim and his staff can help you with your project start to finish.

So why do you need a printing service:

  1. Business Cards – while some view them as old fashioned, you are going to need a business card.  It should be professional, readable and reflect your brand with the right colors and graphics.
  2. Flyers – when you sit with a prospect you want to make sure that they clearly understand your business.  Some individuals like to have a flyer or folder of information rather than printing information off of your website.
  3. Variable data printing for direct mailings – do you want to send personalized letters with specific information dropped into the letter based on geographic region.
  4. Every Door Direct Mail – you print a print a piece that is then sent to every household on the routes you select.  Jim will help you work through the Post Office Website and print the piece to meet specifications.
  5. Jim can also print t-shirts, pieces of every time,

I asked Jim what are some of the more successful types of pieces for small business owners to use.  He immediately pointed to a flyer printed for a contractor.  This particular campaign had three different flyers included and are sent to postal routes through Every Door Direct Mail.  Simple, targeted, effective.

Jim’s shop is located in Warrminster, PA on York Road.  A life-long Central Bucks County resident Jim is also an Eagle Scout.