About Jen

I am the friend who always needs explaining…the one who does not run with the pack.  I am as mainstream as I am a free spirit.  My standards are exceptionally high and I get bored easily.  I live an amazing life designed and created by me and for me.  I am Type A all the way.

My warning label would read:  The Ultimate Gemini

Think “I am…until I am not.”  You can insert any qualifier into that statement…easy, kind, generous…and usually it turns to the other side when I feel like someone is not being fair, or taking advantage, or using me, or not appreciating me.  While I would not say my alter ego is Maleficent (because she is already taken by a good friend) I would say I can get very very close.

I have an unwavering belief in myself.

  1. I am a mom to three amazing teenage daughters.
  2. I am the girlfriend of an amazing man who has two amazing children
  3. I am the proud founder and owner of Your Social Media Hour.  I help you get customers and clients using social media.  Visit Jennifergardella.com to see my professional side.
  4. I have amazing clients and I get amazing results for them.
  5. I have an unbelievable support system around me filled with friends as close as family.
  6. I am a hopeless romantic
  7. I am not my children’s friend.  I have told them that as they each turn 25 I will take them to Paris and then we can be friends.  Right now they are insane teenagers and need a parent, not a buddy.
  8. I have a few weird habits:  I nuke ice cream for 10 seconds before eating and always look for my initials in license plates.  Oh…and I love (and I mean love) to write with Sharpies.

I want to be clear, while I do talk about my amazing life often, it is not one that has been handed to me, I have worked hard, sometimes clawing blindly towards a happiness I had blind faith existed –   There have been dark times, and a few dark spots still remain.  At some point very recently I walked away from drama and those who seemed to bask in it.  I can not be controlled and need to be respected for whom I really am in the world.  I am loyal to a fault – if you are not 100% on my side you are not welcome.  We do not always have to agree, but you need to respect me…and be nice.

I have been told I have a powerful mind and can manifest greatness simply with the thought.  I can not cook – to date I have yet to cause anyone illness but most do not take the chance.  If I invite you to dinner it is best to bring your own pizza, or suggest we go out.  There is the story of a famous dinner party I threw where my chicken was so dry friends are still parched.  Hey look, I served lots of wine.

I never give up and have blind ambition.  I am a royal pain in the ass and will relentlessly hold tight to my beliefs.  If you want to feed me a line of BS you have not thought completely through…good luck.

I have been told I sometimes write and present myself like the single mom version of Carrie Bradshaw.  I’ll take it.

In my former life I was Sandra Dee and my soul misses the times of poodle skirts and saddle shoes.  I love all things pink, but think as women we put way to much time into our hair and make-up.  I just got my hair dyed for the first time a few months ago to cover up some grey – it looks fabulous but personally I think this is ridiculous.  Sure, your hair looks better than mine, you have nicer clothes, and your make-up is done to perfection covering all your imperfections…I really don’t care.  I love you for who you are so stop suggesting I spend a few hours in the salon getting high lights and low lights – I would rather work.

My ideal of a perfect date is a trip around Lake Galena on bikes followed by pizza and a French Martini – I am easy…well, until I am not.

I work way to much but am now starting to enjoy the initial settling into a business that is not just paying my bills but building.

I am a firm believer in the phrase “you can be right or you can be married.”

I despise injustice and those who have the power to do good or help but choose instead to do nothing.  If you are in trouble or lost and think I can assist in some way, please give me a call and I will do whatever I can.

Why do I blog?  Because I love to write.  There is something very powerful about putting my stories out in public for others to share with me…and learn from…and help.  I’m an open book and am honored when others tell me that the connect to me through this writing has helped them in some way.

This blog…it is about steps…and will share my experiences with

  • Steps in raising my children
  • Steps in rebuilding my life after divorce
  • Putting the word “step” in one of my titles and all the responsibility which comes with that transition

In and of itself, this blog is a next step from an original space here on the internet that had run its course.  I hope here you find a connection, some inspiration…and a friend if you need one.