Do You Need Payroll Services?

Michelle Stoudt of was the speaker of the day in my networking group AAEAAQAAAAAAAAV_AAAAJGVhMzRjY2U3LTMwZGMtNGVjOS04ZGIyLTlmY2E4YjBmMWJkMAtoday.  Her job today was to make the world of payroll, taxes, and insurance seem exciting – she had 10 minutes to captivate us.  And her stunning personality and passion for helping others allowed her to carry the information and keep us rivited to the handouts.

So what can a payroll company do for you? Three areas grabbed my attention:

  1. Payroll – sure, this is a payroll company and so they can handle the payroll, taxes, unemployment, and garnishments.
  2. HR Administration – this includes tracking of vacation, background checks, and policies.  I have heard from many small business owners that Human Resources is a growing pain like no other when an enterprise is expaning so this service itself may be worth further invesitation.
  3. Time and Labor Management – who is tracking the hours of your employees?  Do your people punch a clock, log into a system, click on an app….you should have an easy system.

What is great about Michelle?  She gives personal attention to every small business owner.  The level of detail she drills down to is impressive.  She fully admits that at the end of the day she makes her living selling payroll services.  But she makes sure the owner understands each part of their responsibility but also how it all looks to the employee…and how easy it is if you work with her.

As a side note, this portion of my blog is labeled Passions and Paychecks.  Funny given the topic of this post.