Top GunI’ve never referred to him by name, and now, as I transition to this blog, you will only see him referred to as TG.  When I was in the world of online dating I nick-named all my dates – backpack man, the playa…and then I found him.  His profile pic was in his US Navy uniform…he told me he was a Navy pilot…and so I appropriately named him Top Gun.

free proscar permanent as long taken Our relationship is private, only a picture or two on Facebook every now and again.  I don’t want him Google’d (you can’t find him anyway). This is not about “look who I am dating!”   What we have is pretty quiet (even though we are both very loud), not flashy, and overall…well, pretty awesome.  In many ways our relationship is the purpose for moving my blog.   Funny how a guy who doesn’t have Facebook, doesn’t understand Twitter, and hates texting is the reason why my blog is moving.  But, in just a few short months NJ Divorce Mom really will not fit me anymore.  Not saying much more than that…you can read between the lines.

go to site So who is this man dressed in Navy blues who has crept into all corners of my heart?  Over the last (almost) two years he has exceeded my core list of expectations – steel center core of integrity, amazing father, knows where the gym is, has boundless energy, and wants to build an amazing life…with me.  He is as responsible with all aspects as life as he is insane when driving anything with a motor.  When in his passenger’s seat of a golf cart or his sexy two tone mini vane, I sit white knuckled.  For as crazy as he is I trust him with my life. I went looking for a guy who would sit next to me in the world with a love of mutual support.  My dream was to create a life much like the ecological systems of Bronfenbrenner’s rings.  Our relationship sits in the middle of the system and we would hold tight to each other as our children swirl  (swarm, scream, cling, hug, run) in the first ring around us.  Our families and close friends swirl in the second, with community, work, and a macrosystem in the outer.  I have found a man who not only can be that person sitting next to me, wants to be the person sitting next to me, is worthy of the seat, and willing to work at it. The TG is quite fitting for him given his previous life, and since I many reference him from time to time here, I feel more comfortable than using his name.  You will learn a bit about him..and the STEPS we are taking together.  Get it??? My life has undergone a large transformation in these last few years…it is all fabulous…and just getting better and better.

go here Oh, and between you and me, well…he’s much more of a Goose (just don’t tell him that).