This Gemini in a Relationship

Samantha Lang in Women, April 8, 2015

I have heard I am intimidating 1000 times.

But ya know what?  Underneath the intimidating exterior is a vulnerability only a few chosen are allowed to see.

I want to be pushed an challenged, called on my shit.  Those closest believe this and also know how to do it without squashing my ego.  I want to be challenged and pushed.

I don’t need anyone.  I want others in my life.  I am building an empire,

Chivalry is not dead.  BUT, I do not need you to act that way.  You should want to.  You should know wh

I have friends, hobbies, passions, dreams.  You are not my babysitter and do not need to act like Julie the cruise director.

You are not my babysitter.  You are my partner in crime.

Clyde didn’t have to drag Bonnie around – she showed up and drove every now and again.

Since I do not “need” you you may think I do not want you…nothing could be farther from the truth.  As my dear sister says, you are my “person” and that fact should speak volumes.  I want to be with you, I do not need to be and I’m certainly not sticking around until the next person comes along.

You just know when you have to step back and step in.  Unfortunately, if you step the wrong way I will step on your toes – I’m not saying this is a delicate dance – it is not easy.

successful, charasmatic, articulate, cultured, hilarious, athletic, compassionate, independent.  Empire builder by day – and at night I just want to rest in your arms and feel protected from it all.

Intelligent – Ok, so I’ve got that…but not really. You hear PhD and usually hibernate in your own crap because you didn’t go to college or feel inferior to my intelligence.  Truth be told, I am pretty smart, but any academic achievements that hang on my wall have been earned with blood, sweat, and an abundance of tears.  I’m dyslexic to the point of distraction and embarrassment.

Be confident enough to open my car door, because, while you are aware I can do it myself, you know I want it done for me.

While Ms. Independent is my outward appearance, I still have feelings and fairy tale dreams.


I grab life by the horns…the brass ring on the carousel.  And I turn around and ask you “why don’t you?”

I crave silence and downtime…alone…in my cave.  Usually with my computer which I know you do not understand.